Inspiration of the Week: Fringe

With the recent move my family and I went through to get back to California, we have not been able to get caught up on most of the shows we enjoy. Just recently, I was able to get caught up on the fourth season of Fringe. While I won’t divulge any plot details, I have to […]

On Request Magazine Best of E3 2012 Awards

E3 2012 is over, and as it is On Request Magazines first ever live coverage of the conference, here is our list of the Best of the E3 Expo. Best Xbox 360 Game: Halo 4: The return of Master Chief was the best exhibit Microsoft unveiled at E3 this year. The epic first-person shooter brought […]

The Cave Preview

This action game tells the tale of seven characters, who solve puzzles and explore this cave in order to learn something about themselves, whether they are confronting their fears or finding their joy in life. Not much more known about this Double Fine productions game, but look for it on multiplatform in early 2013…

The Amazing Spider-Man Preview

Here comes the Spider-Man! The buzz surrounding the remake of Spider-Man, Starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, is huge, but in the gaming world, the video game acting as a sequel to the movie is also buzzing. Created by Beenox, the creators of the last two amazing games of Spider-Mans, both Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, and […]

Metro: Last Light Preview

The sequel to the ever-popular apocalypse game Metro 2033 is arriving. Taking place directly after the first game and based on the popular novels, you watch the demo as your character surfaces on the streets of Moscow, looking up on the ruins of the once great city as the seconds of oxygen you have left […]

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes Preview

The sequel to the much beloved Lego Batman game, Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes allows you to team up with Superman and the Justice League of America in order to take down Lex Luthor. Explore Gotham City intensely, and even fly around as Superman. Take down bosses like the Penguin and Mr. Freeze in boss battles […]

Quantum Conundrum Preview

The upcoming downloadable puzzle game Quantum Conundrum is one of the best downloadable titles to come out of E3. From the creators of the famous game series Portal, Quantum Conundrum is a completely new puzzle game. Able to shift between different dimensions to suit your purposes to solve your puzzles, like fluffy dimension, heavy dimension, […]

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Preview

A PS3 exclusive, this RPG game looks fantastic. With animation that shines brightly, just as brightly as the most state-of-the-art animated movie, the game follows a young boy Oliver as he explores this new world. The gameplay is third-person based, and is quite fluid with the environment and action of the game. While this game […]

Outernauts Preview

A new RPG action adventure game specifically for Facebook, the latest from Insomniac games showcases the quirky action that Insomniac is known for in titles like Ratchet and Clank. Fight, train, and condition your player as you explore various worlds and combat multiple creatures and enemies. You can even capture beasts and train them, adding them […]