Creative Inspirations #4: Paranormal Activity series

The horror genre has recently been redifined in recent years, with the release of Paranormal Activity 1,2, and 3. Giving audiences scare after scare, this film series centers around one family, who is targeted by a demon who terrorizes the family. Each film so far has gone back in its timeline, showing how both sides of a family has been affected and where the haunting originated. The series is filmed as if it is a documentary, with handheld cameras and even security cameras allowing audiences a sense of realism that most horror movies fail to grasp. Forgoing horrible disfigurements or mutilations and replacing them with shadowy figures and unseen forces that pull helpless victims out of their beds, this series has given the horror genre a new level to aim for. This series has inspired me as a horror writer to be better, and has taught me that gore does not always equal scary. Sometimes, its what we don’t see that scares us the most. 

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