Creative Inspirations #3: Mother by Danzig

Last night, I beat one of my favorite horror video game series, FEAR 3, on the insanity difficulty. Anyone who loves games like I do will know this is the hardest difficulty there is. Anyways, after the bone chilling cinematic work and amazing story that neatly tied up the story of Alma, a demonic young girl who terrorized an entire city and brought to life nightmarish creatures to send against her enemies from beyond the grave, I was treated to the amazing rock song Mother by Danzig. This song not only fit perfectly with the eeire message and story of the FEAR series, but managed to capture both the hard rock sound and subtle creepiness of the horror genre. This song just exudes the kick-ass rock attitude, and manages to pull you in with its hard-hitting lyrics and amazing musical sound. This is the type of song that inspires me to go out and write a bad-ass novel full of scares, chills, and action. This is the type of song that drives the creative flow. That’s why Mother by Danzig is my Creative inspiration of the day. 

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