Creative Inspirations #5: Rockstar Game’s “L.A. Noire”

Mystery, intrigue, murder, conspiracy, gunfights, romance, and intense interrogations. These qualities are all of the amazing gifts last years hit video game L.A. Noire brought to fans when it hit shelves. Brought to gamers by Rockstar Games, the people behind the previous years Game of the Year, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire follows in the […]

Creative Inspirations #4: Paranormal Activity series

The horror genre has recently been redifined in recent years, with the release of Paranormal Activity 1,2, and 3. Giving audiences scare after scare, this film series centers around one family, who is targeted by a demon who terrorizes the family. Each film so far has gone back in its timeline, showing how both sides […]

Creative Inspirations #3: Mother by Danzig

Last night, I beat one of my favorite horror video game series, FEAR 3, on the insanity difficulty. Anyone who loves games like I do will know this is the hardest difficulty there is. Anyways, after the bone chilling cinematic work and amazing story that neatly tied up the story of Alma, a demonic young […]

Creative Inspirations #2: Showtime’s Californication

The perfect blend of drama, comedy, and in-depth look into the life of a sex-addicted writer, Showtime’s Californication has been bringing fourth its unique edginess to Sunday nights. Starring David Duchovny as Hank Moody, a New York born writer who moves to Los Angeles to be closer to his ex-wife and his daughter, the show’s […]

Creative Inspirations #1: Paramore’s Monster

For my first post, what inspired me to write in my new novel is Paramore’s Monster. A hit single from the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack, both the song and video have become a great creative source for me in recent months. Both with a surface and beneath the surface message, this song spoke […]

New Format for this blog

Hello everyone. I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything on this blog, but I am going to have a lot of free time to write more often, and one thing I would like to do with this blog is start a daily post called Creative Inspirations. It will detail any song, album, movie, […]