Rock on Request Awards 2010

                                                Rock on Request Awards 2010

Rock on Request is proud to announce the Rock on Request Awards for 2010. We are seeking out you, the fans, to nominate those for your favorite categories. This year, we are proud to include nominations for the following categories: movies, video games, television, books, comics, and of course, music. For the next week, we will be taking your nominations, and until December 22nd, 2010, at 11:59 p.m. that night, and then the nominations will close. A few days after that, the polls will go up on our website, and you can vote for your favorite in each category. Our Awards are sure to be much larger this year, and appreciate all of your support. At the magazine we are fans of music ourselves, and we try to give all fans the right to have their voices heard. Here is a list of all the categories in each genre:


Best TV Show

Best Sci-Fi show

Best Fantasy Show

Best Romance show

Best action show

Best drama show

best horror show

best comedy show

Best Comedic actor

Best Comedic actress

Best supporting actor, actress comedy

Best Actor, actress, supporting for drama, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, action, and horror

Best guest roles, all categories

Best music for tv show

Best special effects

Best directing for episode

Best TV Show of Decade

Best Character of Decade


Video Games:


Best Game of year

Best Xbox game, ps3, wii, DS,

Best Multiplayer

Best male character, female character, and overall character

Best voice over actor, male and female

Game of Decade

Series of Decade

Character of Decade, both male and female

Best console of decade and year

Best Special effects

Best Music in Game

Best Game-play

Best Cinematic Scene in Game





Best nonfiction, fiction, sci-fi, horror, romance, teen, drama, and comedic book.


Best Author


Best Character in a book, both male and female






Best Drama, Comedy, Action-Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Romance movie


Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Actress in all genres


Best Music score


Best Special Effects


Most Anticipated Movie of 2011


Best Director


Best Screenplay, both adapted and original


Hottest movie couple, romance


Most brutal horror scene


Funniest Movie Moment


Oh No He Didn’t, most shocking scene


Best Villain in television, movie, book, video game, and comic book


Best Hero in a book, movie, television show, video game, and comic book.



Best Comic Book Artist

Best Comic Book Single Issue

Best Continuing Comic Book series,  (more than two issues)

Best New Series

Best Comic for Teens

Best Adult Comic

Best Comedy Comic

Best Horror Comic, single issue and series

Best Digital Comic

Best Writer/Artist

Best Writer


Music: Be advised, this is for rock and all its sub-genres, including pop rock, punk, etc.

Best New Artist

Best Album 2010

Best Single

Best Alternative Rock Band

Best Hard Rock Band

Best Punk-Rock band

Best Grunge Band

Best Band overall

Best singer, both male and female

Best concert

Best tour

Best team up between two bands/artists

Best contribution to movie, television, or video game album/soundtrack

Best Unsigned Band


There you go the genres for this year’s Rock on Request Awards. This year is sure to be the most detailed, extensive year, and these nominations and final results will be decided not by the heads of the magazine, but by you, the fans, as all awards should be. You fuel the entertainment industry, and therefore should be allowed to voice your opinions. These awards reflect that right, and we here at Rock on Request cannot wait to see what you fans decide. Please write in your nominations to Just copy and paste the list above into the body of the e-mail, with your answers filled out behind each category. Or if you prefer, just send in your nominations for the categories that most interest you. Thank you, and enjoy!


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